Intercosma Lemon Hand Cream 1000 ml
Intercosma Lemon Hand Cream 1000 ml

Intercosma Lemon Hand Cream 1000 ml

Intercosma Handcreme Zitrone 1000 ml

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Inter Cosma Hand Cream Lemon 1000 ml

Looking for an effective hand cream that offers superior hydration and nourishment? Look no further than Inter Cosma Hand Cream Lemon. This top-quality hand cream is designed to provide long-lasting moisture and protection, leaving hands soft, smooth, and healthy.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Deep Moisturization: This hand cream is formulated with natural ingredients like olive oil and glycerin to provide deep moisture to dry and cracked skin.
  • Natural Fragrance: Infused with the fresh and zesty aroma of lemon, this hand cream leaves your hands smelling amazing.
  • Fast Absorption: The fast-absorbing formula ensures that the cream penetrates the skin quickly, providing instant relief to dry hands.
  • Large Size: The 1000 ml bottle is perfect for use in spas, salons, or for families who use a lot of hand cream.
  • User-Friendly Design: The convenient pump dispenser allows for easy application and ensures that the cream dispenses smoothly without any mess.

Directions for Use

Apply a small amount of Inter Cosma Hand Cream Lemon to clean and dry hands. Massage into the skin until fully absorbed. Reapply as needed throughout the day.

Get the Inter Cosma Hand Cream Lemon 1000 ml today and nourish your hands with the best hydration they deserve!

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