Pulit chlorine tablets 20g 50 pcs
Pulit chlorine tablets 20g 50 pcs

Pulit chlorine tablets 20g 50 pcs

PULIT Chlor-Tabletten

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Pulit Chlorine Tablets 20g 50 Pcs

Keep your swimming pool crystal clear and healthy with Pulit Chlorine Tablets 20g 50 Pcs. These tablets are an essential product for maintaining a safe and hygienic swimming pool.

Product Features:

  • Each tablet weighs 20g
  • 50 tablets are included in one pack
  • Powerful and effective in killing bacteria, viruses and algae
  • Easy to use
  • Provides long-lasting protection to your swimming pool
  • Does not produce any unwanted odors

These chlorine tablets are designed to dissolve slowly in water, providing a consistent and effective level of chlorine. They are suitable for all types of swimming pool, including indoor and outdoor pools, private and public ones. The tablets can be easily placed in a floating dispenser or a skimmer basket to ensure even distribution throughout the pool.

Pulit Chlorine Tablets 20g 50 Pcs will help you keep a crystal clear and safe swimming pool throughout the year. These tablets provide a powerful and efficient treatment for eliminating bacteria, viruses, and algae. They are also compatible with all other pool chemicals and do not cause any unwanted odors. Order your pack today to keep your swimming pool clean, safe and healthy.

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