NEUTRAL SOAP liq bottle 1 kg
NEUTRAL SOAP liq bottle 1 kg

NEUTRAL SOAP liq bottle 1 kg

NEUTRALSEIFE liq Flasche 1 kg

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The concentrated, creamy and versatile neutral soap is a very skin-friendly universal cleaning agent for the household.

It is cleaning-active in soft, hard, cold, warm fresh and salt water.

The soap has been clinically tested and checked for skin compatibility.

  • pH neutral
  • Without formaldehyde
  • Alkali-free
  • Phosphate-free
  • Biodegradable


Add 2.5g to 5 liters of water for light soiling, 5g (1 teaspoon) for heavy soiling.
Spread the neutral soap on a wet sponge, squeeze briefly and use.
Rub into stains, cuffs and collars undiluted, leave to work in and wash as directed.

Also available in 150g and 5kg

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